Accurate and smooth winning Prix Sct. Georg yesterday evening from Dujardin and Florentina

Screen Shot 2018-06-13 at 07.49.30.png

75,235% test

What a pleasure to have Charlotte Dujardin back on the screen. Dujardin just shows how to ride all the way, and her way of riding a test makes the overall picture so easy.

The 8 year old grey mare Florentina by Vivaldi / Rubels shows a super well balanced trot tour, smooth half passes, all the way the same rhythm and balance, super walk tour with nice walk pirouettes, nice canter tour without any technical issues, lovely preparation into the pirouettes, the first pirouettes lacking 1 or 2 strides, while the 2nd is with superb quality. Three times series becomes a bit tense and with small swinging changes, the final extended canter becomes a bit conservative. 

Charlotte Dujardin also came 2nd with the 9 year old mare River Rise Escarla by Lord Leatherdale / Ferro, they just had a big issues with the transition from walk to canter, where Escarla misunderstands the signal from Dujardin a couple of times before making the transition at A. Smooth trot tour, good walk but not with same relaxation as Florentina, very strong canter tour with superb pirouettes and nice series.