VIDEO - Dujardin and MSJ Freestyle breaks the 80% in today's Grand Prix Special at Bolesworth

80,362% is the fact after today's Grand Prix Special at Bolesworth from Charlotte Dujardin with her 10-year-old MSJ Freestyle, owned by Emma Blundell.

Watch out - just 3 month before they enter the centerline at WEG in Tryon

Not much to say, just that the development from 1st time we saw the combination international till today is really impressive. Still small things to be polished, but so much controlled power and quality. Just a single 10 for the final extended trot.

Again today Danish Ulrik Mølgaard and his now 17-year-old Michigan were shining and were placed 4th. They showed a very strong test without any technical issues, and definitely not a horse look like heading towards his "autumn". 

Screen Shot 2018-06-14 at 19.11.44.png