Gal og Danish Warmblood stallion Glock´s Zonik winner of today's CDIO5 Grand Prix in Rotterdam (video of the entire test)

Glock´s Zonik and Edward Gal - Rotterdam 2017. Photo credit: Koen Gomes

Glock´s Zonik and Edward Gal - Rotterdam 2017. Photo credit: Koen Gomes

Edward Gal and Glock´s Zonik becomes sharper and sharper together in the arena, and today's result with nearly 77% shows that they are at the moment the top combination for the Netherlands towards WEG in Tryon later this year. 

The trot tour is shown smooth and well balanced with good expression, nice half passes, bit open halt and a small tension for the rein back, good first piaffe with nice passage and good transitions where Edward is able to keep Zonik nicely on the spot, super nice walk tour with good stretching and relaxation for the extended walk, for the first change in the 2 times the change becomes with parallel hindlegs, rest of the canter tour is with good qualities, the centerline with the pirouettes is good and pirouettes itself are nice with good sit, but the picture becomes a bit "stallion like" as Zonik does not 100% stay in front of the aides. 

Dante Weltino OLD and Therese Nilshagen has shown great consistency and form from both Equitour Aalborg and now in Rotterdam. Therese really knows Dante and can push all the buttons, today's walk tour becomes a bit tense, lovely 2 times and good qualities for both pirouettes, but unfortunately the final canter step for the 2nd pirouettes becomes a bit sideway, super nice final centerline with a top final square halt. 76,152%

Patrik Kittel and the 11 year old Well Done de la Roche just steps up their performances every time. Final score 75,804% and this is a combination where you still have the feeling of much more to reach. The extreme lightfooted mare becomes a bit tense during the test, but Kittel manage to keep her focused all the way. For the extended trot tours they still lack a more relaxation and let go power, and for sure with more points, like today's walk tour becomes a bit on the toes. Light and easy half passes with lovely balance, nice halt but a bit hind the riders hand for the rein back, super easy and very regular and expressive passage tours, nice transitions and lovely piaffe, very well performed canter tour with super nice qualities. 

Placed 4th today was Emmelie Scholtens with KWPN stallion Apache. Even though Apache seems a bit focused about the warm arena when entering the ring, Emmelie is able to keep him focused on the job. They showed a sharp trot tour, a small disturb into the 1st piaffe, good walk tour, and a strong canter tour with very nice timing all the way. 

American Steffen Peters and his 11 year old mare Rosamunde enters the arena as winners of the trot tour, super power for the trot, expressive crossing top balanced half passes, rein back becomes a bit sideway, the passage looks big but the picture is a bit like Rosamunde is pulling up her front legs very much without pushing clear over the back, lovely angle for the piaffe which becomes a bit over active and with some minor tensions for the transitions. Good canter tour, but swinging and tense 1 times, super nice sit for the pirouettes but the second pirouette lacking more correctness, nice final centerline. (From H2R point of view and judge at B: Mariette Sanders-van Gansewinkel (NED) the level was at 71%). Total score 74.130%. 

Must say that the Dutch judge at B also was spot on with next placed combination American Salvino and Adrienne Lyle having them at 70,5% level. Their final score became somewhat over heated with 73,9%!

See the entire results here.