Results from Helgstrand Dressage stallions tested for WFFS in Germany


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Modern technology makes it possible to test for more diseases, and recently the focus has been on the very rare genetic disorder, Warmblood Fragile Foal Syndrome - also known as WFFS.

Because we find that our breeders want knowledge about whether our stallions are carrying the WFFS, we have already got our stallions in Denmark tested and now also our stallions at Helgstrand Germany in Hagen have been tested with the following results.

The following stallions are not carrier of WFFS:  

Don Deluxe
Kremlin MD
So Unique

The following are carrier of WFFS: 

For Sure

There are already breeds like Friesian and Quarter horses, where genetic disorders have been registered and therefore it is not unusual that a genetic disorder now has been found in Warmbloods. Therefore, horses with the WFFS gene should not be considered ill, but as owner you just have to focus on not to combine two horses in the breed, both carrying the gene. 

It is all about keeping the best horses in the breed and that is why we just recommend mare-owners to test their mares for the WFFS gene, and if the mare is a carrier, we recommend not to use a stallion which is also a carrier. 

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