CDIO Nations Cup with NED, SWE and USA at the podium (video of both tests)

Screen Shot 2018-06-23 at 20.49.35.png

Nations Cup winner in Rotterdam on home soil became the Netherlands, closed follow by the Swedish team and with the American team as no 3. 

Today's Grand Prix Special was won by Therese Nilshagen with Dante Weltino OLD. Extra class trot / passage tours, lots of power and expression, bit on the toes for the walk tour, good piaffe tours, two times becomes a bit mixed up today with some one times, could show a bit more preparation into the pirouettes. Final score 74,149%. Move the timeline to 47:00 to watch the test. 

Again today Edward Gal showed his top experience with his still very young Glock´s Zonik. The overall picture was more polished today and Zonik seems to be more motivated today. Super nice qualities and high lights. Final score 80,075%. Move the timeline to 2:25.30 to watch the test. 

Results for GPS here.

Results for GPF here.