VIDEO - Isabell Werth and Bella Rose of course today's absolute highlight

Bella Rose and Isabell Werth - photo credit: Petra Kerschbaum/Pferdenews

Bella Rose and Isabell Werth - photo credit: Petra Kerschbaum/Pferdenews

Spotlight at Bella Rose and Isabell Werth

Exactly November 2014 in Stuttgart was last time we saw the amazing mare Bella Rose in the arena with Isabell Werth. Today a bit more than 3,5 year later they were back, and what a super nice comeback. 

An injury break kept the top talented mare out of the international spotlight, and over the time there has been a lot of "talking" if the mare ever would appear again. But luckily she was back today and it was really one of the highlights of the year, watching her together with Isabell Werth doing the Grand Prix test as if she just had a small "vacation".

As expected the final halt became a  with a very emotional Werth, as this special mare always been a very special partner, with qualities clearly above the level of Werth´s other horses. 

Enjoy their comeback test below, and as Werth told St. Georg in an interview after her test, Bella Rose wanted a bit to much for the first extended trot at the diagonal, and Werth had to "stop" her a bit, but she settled very nicely for the rest of the test. 

Very nice also that the judging team fully agreed about today's winner performance and had the combination at nearly the same level from all 5 judges. 

Faustus with Dorothee Schneider in the saddel took the 2nd place, and Dono di Maggio with Emile Faurie became 3rd. 

See the results here.