Isabell Werth and Emilio with victory in today's CDI4 Grand Prix at Fritzens

Screen Shot 2018-06-30 at 20.02.19.png

Pretty well rewarded victory with nearly 80% (79,804%) for Werth with Emilio in today's Grand Prix for Grand Prix freestyle. 

Very strong trot tour, easy piaffe tours with smooth transitions, the walk becomes a bit unbalanced for the extended walk, and the collected walk a bit on the toes, good canter tour with super nice two times, while an error creeping in for the one times, good pirouettes and strong final at the centerline. During the test today some minor tensions creeping in, but nothing to disturb the exercises just a not as clear smooth picture as seen before. 

Dorothee Schneider with Fohlenhof´s Rock´n Rose are second with 71,935%. An overall good test, but still lack a bit more security for the piaffe tours, or more exact for sharper transitions and strength for the passage. 

Last placement for today's Grand Prix went to Australian Simone Pearce with Wladimir O.A. Today the trot tour was nice with nice piaffe / passage tours and good flow, unfortunately Simone is loosing some points for the canter tour with expensive errors for both series. Final score 65,826%.

The scoreboard does not always tells about the qualities

Danish Nathalie zu Sayn-Wittgenstein has her next top horse with her 11-year-old Michellino son M&M´s, but as the Michellinos just takes a bit more time to settle at the competition environment, this is also the fact for M&M´s.

Exercise wise no weaknesses, and the qualities for the most demanding exercises are there, but Nathalie is unfortunately still not able to bring 100% confidence for the big chestnut gelding into the arena. It just looks like that M&M´s needs the competition miles before he will be able to relax and focus 100% on his rider for an entire test. Tomorrow morning they will be ready for the consulation Grand Prix as last to go at 8:12.

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