Dorothee Schneider and First Romance winner of Prix Sct. Georg at CHIO Aachen

Screen Shot 2018-07-18 at 15.53.41.png

A strong Prix Sct. Georg field for today's small tour at Aachen

First Romance is still quite new at this level, but with top experienced Dorothee Schneider in the saddle it just looks easy and effortless even though some tensions creeping in during the canter tour today. Lots of positive power and energy for the entire trot tour in lovely balance, very nice and controlled walk tour, for both canter pirouettes some tensions are shown as First Romance is cantering a bit around in the pirouettes with slightly parallel hindlegs. Score 74,824%. 

Earlier this year Dorothee already secured herself a ticket for Nürnberger Burg-Pokal finals winning the qualifier at Mannheim with First Romance. 

2nd placed today the ultra light-footed mare Saphira Royal with Stefanie Wolf with 73,941%

3rd was the lovely stallion Eye Catcher under Spanish rider Antonio Laiz Zandio with 71,441%

See the entire results here.