First part of CDIO Grand Prix - Langehanenberg and Damsey FRH just steps back at the top of the scene

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Lovely with Sönke Rothenberger as co-commentator at Clipmyhorse - this just steps up the entire competition, and he is adding a lot of experience and sharp eyes. (Could be nice if Clipmyhorse daily commentator would let Sönke just speak). 

Helen Langehanenberg and Damsey FRH showed a strong test, and as this was their first test after a small baby break for Helen. Their partnership seems to be so cemented and they just know each other for the perfect timing. Good start, super nice diagonal, half passes could be with more bend and suppleness through the body, good halt with rein back, 1st piaffe tour is a bit forward but lovely rhythm and keeps the activity with super regular expressive passage tours and smooth transition, top walk tour, 2nd piaffe becomes a bit cautious, loosing the passage a bit before transition to canter, super and very strong canter tour, good final. 77,034%

American Steffen Peters and Rosamunde is struggling a bit with the balance and clarity for the piaffe tours today, to much on/off steps, some tensions for the canter tour, the pirouettes becomes a stocked or just lacking bit more let go, final transition at M for trot becomes a bit stocked. 71,335%

1st Danish team competitor Anders Dahl with Selten HW, good start, nice half passes, super halt but bit tense rein back, good transition to passage, lack more forward search for the piaffe and loosing the clarity of the rhythm, bit tense collected walk, same lack of clear rhythm for 2nd piaffe tour, canter tour with error for change after extended canter and error for 1 times, good pirouettes, bit unbalanced final piaffe. 70.093%