Second part of CDIO Grand Prix with Danish Warmblood Gørklintgårds Dublet in top

American Kasey Perry-Glass with her Danish Warmblood gelding Gørklintgårds Dublet showed a strong and very well balanced test. Dublet is not a spectacular mover, but the correctness and balance without any technical issues combined with and his sharp hindlegs brings him into 2nd place with 76,801%.

Danish Anna Zibrandtsen is showing a solid test unfortunately with a costly error in the mid of the one times where Arlando stops the changes (maybe because of lack of signal from the rider). The first piaffe is a bit cautious lacking some more activity, nice transitions, 2nd piaffe is with better activity, good control for canter pirouettes, small lack of beat for final extended trot, super nice final centerline. 70,435%. 

Hans Peter Minderhoud shows a very good test with Zanardi without any technical issues, just some tensions for the rein back. You really get the feeling that Zanardi now is growing up in the arena, or maybe he is just for the very big arenas like in Aachen. 72,842%

Dorothee Schneider and Sammy Davis Jr. shows a very expressive test and for Dorothee the timing is just in top except the one times today with an error. 75,916%

Spains Severo Jurado Lopez and Deep Impact is also showing a strong test, with highlights for the extended trot tours, super nice frame all the way, bit early start for the 1st piaffe where Deep is travelling a bit forward, small miscommunication for the transition from collected walk to passage. 74,161%