Third part of CDIO Grand Prix with Jessica von Bredow-Werndl and Dalera BB in top

Already from watching them around the arena they look amazing. And from the start you can feel that this combination just enjoying being in there. Smooth start, supple half passes, nice halt bit tense rein back, expressive extended trot sharp back into passage at V, active piaffe with lovely sit and nice transitions, the walk becomes a bit tense for the collected walk tour, the canter tour is  still not as settled as the trot tour, but nice control especially for the pirouettes, small insecurity for the final piaffe. 76,848%.

The strong Danish team combination Daniel Bachmann Andersen and Blue Hors Zack shows a great test with two minor things as the rein back becomes with 6 steps and an error for the two times. Superb supple half passes with balance, expression and crossing, top qualities for the one times. 74,177%

Spanish Beatrice Ferrer-Salat and her 17 year old Delgado are still in the game and valuable for the team scoring 73,059%.