Another spectacular test from Bella Rose and Isabell Werth

Mane Stream Belstaff with Danish Betina Jæger Jensen at Danish national Championships 2018. Photo credit: Thomas Bisgaard. 

Mane Stream Belstaff with Danish Betina Jæger Jensen at Danish national Championships 2018. Photo credit: Thomas Bisgaard. 

Today's co-commentator at Clipmyhorse was Sebastian Hinze, German U25 team coach, and together with Kim Kreling he did a nice job, even though they sometimes seems to be a bit to harsh when combinations making faults or the angels are not correct - it is damned difficult!

Isabell Werth and Bella Rose looks more and more like a WEG combination

It is just something special watching Bella Rose dancing, and her piaffe / passage is just SPOT ON  - their 2nd piaffe tour with 3 x 10! The small parts with not top performance was the extended walk, some kind of not let go and lacking more clear beat rewarded from 5,0 to 7,5! For the two times an error crept in, and still the pirouettes are lacking more clear canter beat and airtime, explained from Sebastian Hinze as "traloppieren" (tro-cantering).

Still not a fully settled Zaire today with Jessica von Bredow-Werndl but well managed. 

Unfortunately no Showtime for todays Grand Prix Special as he got a swallowed leg this morning and Dorothee would of course not risk anything.

Danish Betina Jæger Jensen med Mane Stream Belstaff just shows their great potential entering Deutsche Bank Stadium for the 2nd time showing a great performance. This horse just brings a lot of natural suppleness in the body and at the same time showing super regularity of the passage with smooth transition in and out of the extensions, lovely half passes with balance, expression and crossing, super walk tour, nice 2 times and super 1 times, bit conservative extended canter but looks like a considered decision from Betina, todays best canter for the first pirouette, just 10 piaffe steps for the final centerline. This combination is for sure at H2R Danish team for WEG. 71,340%

Hard to say but Steffen Peters might have the best horse for today's Grand Prix Special. Suppenkasper has it all, but seems that Mr. Peters just asking a bit too much for the passage tours as some tension creeping in, especially left hind, and the adding extra changes for both one times series today does not bring them higher in the overall ranking. Placed 4th with 71,340%.

Unfortunately young Danish Victoria Vallentin did not really agree with Ludwig der Sonnenkönig today about their piaffe tours, the first two with a small kick from Ludwig and final at the centerline where he stops, but Victoria manage bravely to start and finish the job again. 

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