2nd part of CDIO Grand Prix Special with Werth and Emilio back on track

Severo Jurado Lopez and Deep Impact - photo credit: H2R

Severo Jurado Lopez and Deep Impact - photo credit: H2R

Timing timing and timing

After a just 72% Grand Prix test Werth and Emilio really had something to prove today. And Werth is not the one coming back with "I´ll just give it a try today", when she enters it´s serious. 

Smooth trot/passage tours, good and a bit cautious piaffe tours, and you can really feel its all about timing and today with compromise from Werth, in order to bring Emilio positive back on track - missing complete! But not a 100% clear test as an error at the end of the two times creeping in and also lacking a clear change after the extended canter, bit stocked for the transition from canter to trot at M, which also might show that Emilio is not at his best form together with Werth for Aachen. Impressive 79,128%.

Severo with strong and clear test

Severo and Deep showed an effortless and "easy" Grand Prix Special, very powerful for the extensions with nice transition to passage, which you might wish a bit more bouncy and supple but still with super regularity. Lovely half passes with suppleness, strong canter tour without any issues. 74,851% 

Steffen Peters and Rosamunde with a 72,462% - it looks mostly like Peters Aachen 2018 is about the 72% tests.