3rd part of CDIO Grand Prix Special with strong combinations

First to go after the break was Danish Daniel Bachmann Andersen with KWPN stallion Blue Hors Zack. It was a top motivated combination with full focus all the way. The trot/passage tour were with power and expression, and it is clear that Zack really has gained super strength for the passage tour which are regular with good quality, the first piaffe is a bit cautious while the 2nd is with better energy and balance, super nice canter tour where you really get the feeling that Daniel is able to attack the series making them huge, with nice ground cover divided over the full diagonal, unfortunately a bit too motivated for the ones at the centerline as there were two extra today. 75,00% - and their first individual ribbon at Aachen. 

Next to go was Dorothee Schneider with Sammy Davis Jr. showing a strong test, small disturb at one extended trot - something dangerous at the long side and error at 15 one times. rest with power and expression with super timing. 

Dante Weltino OLD with Therese Nilshagen showed their best test to date, not from the scoring but today's series were clearly improved as they were more uphill than usual. Lightness and power is a very difficult combination, but Therese is managing the powerful stallion with the lightest aides and even a bit too light contact sometimes. 

Cathrine Dufour and Atterupgaards Cassidy never disappoint and today with another top test, just a small issue for one extended trot where Cassidy jumps into canter, but from there a very solid and accurate test, where the transitions are spot on the letters. When watching the placements from the judges Danish judge H.C. Matthiesen actually had the "correct" top with Helen Langehanenberg as winner, Dufour 2nd, Kasey Perry-Glass 3rd and Werth as no 4. 

Today Laura Graves were struggling with an even more tense Verdades than in the Grand Prix. It looked as if Verdades have seen the same at the long side as Sammy Davis Jr. did, but unfortunately he nearly ran away twice, of course some costly mistakes, and with an error for the two times, but also clearly missing the relaxation for the piaffe / passage tours today. 

Kasey Perry-Glass shows herself and her Danish Warmblood gelding Gørklintgårds Dublet as best American combination. Fully controlled and balanced test with flow and go, keeping the high standard all the way with a super focused Dublet without any technical issues. 

Helen Langehanenberg WOWs again today with Damsey. Super sharp nearly 80% test, with just some tiny issues for a couple of transitions, but lovely suppleness, easy light contact and obedient Damsey all the way. And this horse just does the extended walk for a very clear 10 as also rewarded, but unfortunately only from two judges. 

See the entire results here. 

Team results

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