UPDATED with 5 year old, 6 year old and 7 year old - Revolution with Andreas Helgstrand in the saddle to represent Germany at WCYH in Ermelo


5 year old: 

  • Candy OLD, Oldenburger Stute v. Sir Donnerhall I – Fürst Heinrich (Eva Möller)
  • Destacado, Hannoveraner Hengst v. Desperados – Londonderry (Matthias Alexander Rath)
  • Devonport,Hannoveraner Hengst v. Dancier – Ravallo (Rieke Schnieder)
  • Drama Queen, Westfälische Stute v. Deveraux – Louis le Bon (Sabrina Geßmann)
  • Revolution, Westfälischer Hengst v. Rocky Lee – Rouletto (Andreas Helgstrand/DEN)
  • Zucchero, Oldenburger Hengst v. Zonik – Prince Thatch xx (Frederic Wandres)
  • Zum Glück, Oldenburger v. Zonik – Florestan I (Robin van Lierop/NED)


  • 1st Reserve Dimitroff MT, Hannoveraner v. Dimaggio – Brentano II (Laura Strobel)
  • 2nd Reserve Thiago, Oldenburger Hengst v. Totilas – Warkant (Eva Möller)
  • 3rd Reserve Danubio OLD, Oldenburger Wallach v. Dante Weltino – Laudabilis (Sandra Kötter) 

Will be updated with 6 year old and 7 year old later today. 

6 year old:

Also both D´avie and Ferrari OLD from Helgstrand are ready for WCYH in Ermelo.


7 year old