Daley Thompson and Ann-Christin Wienkamp are ready for Nürnberger Burg-Pokal final

Screen Shot 2018-07-08 at 16.11.38.png

Daley Thompson (Damon Hill x Lauries Crusador xx) and Ann-Christin Wienkamp won today's qualifier with 72,78%.

Today every single ride was commented by Mr. Christoph Hess. This just makes the picture more complete having his sharp eyes and enthusiastic comments from the ground. 

Daley Thompson is super well moving in all 3 gaits, and one of the comments from Mr. Hess was "mehr geht nicht" which was for the extraordinary walk, and at the same time he asked Ann-Christin to pick up the rein again also to demonstrate the top quality when she is asking for more collection. 

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