Danish Warmblood Elite Foal Auction - todays focus on foals by Franklin, Hesselhøj Donkey Boy and Freischütz

When next Saturday´s Elite Foal Auction comes up at Vilhelmsborg in Denmark it will be with a huge collection of top individuals from the best Danish breeding lines combined with some of Europes best stallions. 

Today's FOCUS foals from H2R are: 

Masculine colt, with correct confirmation, super expressive and with a strong top line. He is a combination of strong dressage stallions, Franklin, Ferro, Flemmingh and Michellino, and by the dam line also with a small valuable Holsteiner influence. He shows three excellent gaits with both push from behind and knee action, including a super walk. Expression and power for a future breeding- and riding horse. 

This colt is long legged, with uphill frame and very nice expression. The breeding line is mainly with horses showing good results in the sport at high level. The colt shows three very good energetic gaits, with good balance, action from behind with good uphill tendency in both trot and canter and clear and supple walk. The sire Hesselhøj Donkey Boy is rewarded with a gold medal in Danish Warmblood. Last year he won bronze at World Championships for Young Horses, and this year he was placed at no 5 in the final in Ermelo. A stallion which shows great ride ability and at the same time he stamps his offsprings positive. Grandfather Blue Hors Don Schufro does not need further introduction.

Elegant and long legged colt. He is big framed and harmonious and very functional with lots of suppleness and lightness for both trot and canter, with an extraordinary good balance. The walk is in a good rhythm. The sire Freischütz was just one season at Helgstrand Dressage before he was sold to Luxembourg. With Blue Hors Zack as damsire it looks like you get the nobility and lightness as you wish for from today’s breeding- and sports horses.