Cosmo and Sönke very strong back on track for today's Grand Prix Special at Donaueschingen

Screen Shot 2018-08-19 at 19.14.32.png

84,362% for today's Grand Prix Special did really bring back Cosmo and Sönke from yesterday's Grand Prix. (video can be found at H2R FB site).

I was an absolute different picture from yesterday's tense Grand Prix till today's supple and obedient Grand Prix Special. 

After the test father Sven Rothenberger also said to Dressursport Deutschland about Sönke´s ride:  "So clever ridden and so much with the head, and there is still more to get, but today's ride was fully as planned".

Lots of power and suppleness and most of all a fully concentrated Cosmo today. Seen from the side line the walk could have been with a bit more freedom and relaxation, and the trot half passes with a bit more bend and suppleness. 

Also the team coach was a part of today's preparations as it was clearly not the way they wanted the test to be shown like yesterday, so the plan from Monica Theodurescu was clear just to walk around the arena today before entering, not fully agreed by Sönke as he rather wanted to trot before entering - but plan succeeded. 

So right now the picture is again clear for both Werth and Rothenberger direction Tryon as the two last spots still are open, and for sure a hard battle between Helen Langehanenberg, Jessica von Bredow-Werndl and Dorothee Schneider. Helen Langehanenberg and Damsey FRH will do a final Grand Prix next week in Münster, while Dorothee Schneider lately had a visit from Theodurescu and Johnny Hilberath has seen Dalera BB at training - all horses look good is the last message from the German team trainers. 

Still a bit more than a week before final German decision is made for the team for Tryon. 

Source: Dressursport Deutschland.