Danish Warmblood with strong combinations for today's 5 year old qualifier

Atterupgaards Delorean and Selina Solberg Vittinghus - photo credit: Lily Forado

Atterupgaards Delorean and Selina Solberg Vittinghus - photo credit: Lily Forado

It is not enough with top qualities the test MUST be clean to be able to receive top marks

That was became the fact for more combinations today. Both Danish combinations Straight Horse Ascenzione by Blue Hors Zack / Blue Hors Don Schufro with Victoria Vallentin and Atterupgaards Delorean by Bon Bravour / Sandro Hit with Selina Solberg Vittinghus showed great qualities but unfortunately for today's test with a few costly issues. Costly in terms of deductions by the submission for Ascenzione with a 7,0 and Delorean with a 7,3.

Atterupgaards Delorean and Selina were absolut shining except of the small issues, and they just brings the qualities worth a spot at the World Championship podium, and are direct qualified for the final with a placement as no 9 for today's qualifier. 

H2R comments during the test: 

Power, elegance and top balance for the trot tour, bit open halt for rein back and tensions, good walk clear difference between medium and extended, small tension before transition to canter, tensions for transition to canter, error for counter canter to right, late transition to trot.

trot 9.2 walk 8.8 canter 8.7 submission 7.3 perspective 9.0 = 8,60

Combinations from the semi final to the final

Ascensione and Victoria will do the semi final tomorrow, and looks like a potential combination for the final.

H2R comments during the test: 

Super swing expressive trot tour lovely freedom, superb relaxation for the walk nice over track, small unbalance for medium canter on volte, super transition canter/walk/canter.

Like also Lindballe´s Just Perfect by Johnson / De Niro with Australian rider Simone Pearce which were placed just outside top 12 today with 8,30. 

And the H2R bet for tomorrow's top 3 will include the French combination Start de l´Ocean by Soliman de Hus / Carismo with Guillaume Recoing.

Just not their day today

Unfortunately the beautiful and well moving Danish Warmblood Fürstenball / De Noir daughter Delizia with experienced Anne Troensegaard in the saddle did not show their best today. Small tensions and some unbalances throughout the test kept them away from the great scores. Now they also have to fight for a final spot through the semi final tomorrow. 

Other top combinations

Germany´s Eva Möller showed a strong test with the lovely mare Candy OLD by Sir Donnerhall I / Fürst Heinrich. From H2R point of view just slightly high tempo all the way. 

Emmelie Scholtens was back in the Ermelo arena after showing great performances for the national championships with Desperado. This time with the Apache/Vivaldi son Indian Rock. Very balanced and obedient test, just lacking a bit more freedom for the extended trot and extended walk tour. 

Dorian Grey de Hus with French Jessica Michel Botton showed a lovely test except of an issue when turning away from A for the canter where Dorian becomes somewhat over excited. Super frame all the way, easy going with nice selfcarriage.