Fürst William and Beatrice Buchwald winner of 6 year old qualifier at Bundeschampionate today

Screen Shot 2018-08-29 at 19.21.52.png

Convincing victory for today's 6 year old qualifier for the final at the Bundeschampionate for Fürst William HC with Beatrice Buchwald in the saddle. 

It looks like a very clear favorite combination for the title this year, as the came 2nd last year. But today's qualities are just clearly ahead of the competitors even though the scores were quite equal with 8,60 for today's 2nd placed combination Quadrophenia with Carina Bachmann in the saddle. 

Beatrice and Fürst William HC showing a super flowing test without any technical issues, the only tiny thing is the contact which is steady and supple, but for some moments Fürst William is just nodding a tiny bit instead of staying 100% quiet in the contact. 

The 12 best combinations are ready for the final which takes place Saturday at 13:00. And 3 more combinations will join the final from the semi final taking place tomorrow. 

Results from today's 6 year old qualifier here.