A close top for the 6 year old qualifier today

Concentration pure from Severo Jurado Lopez with D´avie - photo credit: Lily Forado

Concentration pure from Severo Jurado Lopez with D´avie - photo credit: Lily Forado

A very long day with a lot of very nice combinations 

40 combinations ready for the 6 year old test started this afternoon, and just 12 of them direct through to the final Sunday. 

You might not agree with all individual scoring, but followed the entire test it is for sure the 12 correct combinations direct for the final. 

Today's winner Villeneuve with Laura Stobel was not a wow test, but throughout a quality test.

2nd today Adelinde Cornelissen with Henkie showed a very nice test with good expression, the only thing which might be an issue for the final is the contact and the not very satisfied mouth from Henkie. 

Severo and D´avie showed a strong test. D´avie is presented in a super frame alle the way, the only thing today was that the walk tour could have been show with a bit more suppleness and forward search. When Severo can manage this for final the podium is also secured. 

Both German girls Stefanie Wolf and Dorothee Schneider are showing strong tests, but with advantage for Stefanie as her Matchball OLD is showing more expression all the way compared to  Dorothees two mares. 

Today's best flying changes were executed by Diederik van Silfhout with Habana, which also was reflected by the best score for submission 9,0 today. 

Both Danes a last year at the podium, Jan Møller Christensen with Hesselhøj Donkey Boy and Andreas Helgstrand with Ferrari OLD show strong tests, and for both of them they still have more to show for the final.

Danish combinations for the small final tomorrow

Severo and Atterupgaards Botticelli are ready for the small final, like Stenagers Wyatt Earp and Kenneth Damgaard and Hevringholms Delaya with Susanne Barnow.

Botticelli, Total Hope and Hot Chokolade are H2R combinations for the final. 

See the entire result here.