VIDEOS - Glamourdale and Charlotte Fry were shining for the 7 year old World Champion title today

Glamourdale and Charlotte Fry - photo credit: Lily Forado

Glamourdale and Charlotte Fry - photo credit: Lily Forado

7 year old final

A pleasure to watch the new World Champion from entering halt to final halt. So much control and still let go, in an easy and obedient way. Super frame and expression. Even though the walk is not a highlight Charlotte gets top outcome, and when said that it is a very useable walk especially when thinking towards Grand Prix. 

H2R comment during the test: 

Super expression for the trot tour, nice stretching, lot of balance, easy going very into to aides, smooth all the way, super transitions, bit short walk but clear rhythm, good collected walk and nice pirouettes, WOW diagonal canter, sit and activity for pirouette, super changes, super series. WHAT a super horse and rider.

Interview with the new World Champion for 7 year old horses, 22 year old British Charlotte Fry:

Winning test: 

2nd position - Governor Str / Adelinde Cornelissen

H2R comments during the test: 

Very smooth balanced trot work, very nice steady contact in an uphill frame all the time, super nice walk tour with nice walk pirouettes with good balance and clear beat, nice balance/control/sit for pirouettes, super flow series. Super test!

3rd position - Fürsten-Look / Isabel Freese

H2R comments during the test: 

Bit open halt, super 1st diagonal, smooth turns, half passes, lovely stretching, small unbalance 2nd half pass, super extended walk, bit big collected walk, super beat, small unbalance out of 2nd walk pirouette, lovely half passes, what a sit for pirouette and the expression for the pirouette in itself, super 4 times, error 3 times. Super test.

4th best today and best 7 year old mare in the World

It is a superb result, but for Danish Carina Cassøe Krüth this is now her final position with the outstanding Danish Warmblood mare Heiline´s Danciera for the 2nd year, as she also came 4th as a 5 year old, and last year also 4th with her 2nd horse Red Diamant. 

Enjoy their test here below: