Third part of Grand Prix - Suppenkasper with Steffen Peters into 3rd spot

Suppenkasper and Steffen Peters USA - photo credit: Lily Forado

Suppenkasper and Steffen Peters USA - photo credit: Lily Forado

Best combination in this 3rd part was American Steffen Peters with Suppenkasper, starting with a very tense halt and a trend of the scoring of 48,5% but of course bring themselves back with a final score of 73,494%. Very powerful first extended trot super natural uphill frame, well balanced half passes with power, uphill with super crossing, tension for halt and rein back, much sit for the piaffe tours but lack balance and the rhythm becomes to quick, tensions for the zig-zag, nice one times, very nice balanced pirouettes with super sit, very few final piaffe steps at the centerline.

Dutch Madeleine Witte-Vrees with Cennin is struggling with a very hard contact, and at the same time Cennin does not look as motivated as we’ve seen him earlier. The combination of the strong contact and lack of motivation does not show an easy picture.

It is a kind of dream scenario if this first part of the team competition could be the final result.

For Denmark that would be a team ticket for the next Olympics in Tokyo going into the 6th place with the team.

A lot can happen but right now the fight seems to be between Denmark and Spain for the Olympic team ticket.

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