Sixth and final part of day 2 Grand Prix - what a final of the team competition

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Queen Werth is back with her Bella Rose at WEG taking their first gold medal for this championship, but pretty sure it will not be the last.

200% focus from entering the centerline till letting the reins go, and letting the emotions take over ones again for World no 1 rider Isabell Werth.

Expressive start, nice extended trot with lots of freedom, lovely light super crossing supple half passes, open halt but nice rein back, super extended trot direct into passage, so easy and light into piaffe, then just standing there until the signal says forward, average of 9,6 from the judges and a score of 85,6% going into the walk tour, super transition to passage and another super piaffe tour, good transition to canter, bit conservative two times, super extended canter with risk and coming super back before the change, lot of time/space for the zig-zag, both series could show more ground cover, as both canter pirouettes lacking bit more clear canter rhythm, final extended trot with so much power and expression, and final centerline is just so easy. Very emotional Werth after final salut. 84,829%

Verdades and Laura Graves as no 2. Start with 89,286% after a super halt, very expressive diagonal, lack a bit more bend and flow for the half passes, nice halt with rein back, lack in general more sit for the piaffe tours, and it becomes very much like tense steps of the ground instead of balanced “sitting” trot a the spot, small tension in the corner for the collected walk, the canter tour is without major issues, but lack more clear canter beat and ground cover in general. 81,527%.

Patrik Kittel is one of many bringing a new championship horse for WEG, and with Well Done de la Roche he really has a new top horse. The lightness is similar to Bella Rose and the highlights are for sure also the passage and piaffe tours. 78,199% 4th place.

Glock´s Zonik N.O.P. with Edward Gal start with very nice expression and go, for the piaffe tours it becomes a bit cautious, and during the canter you get the feeling that Zonik lacking more natural go and willingness to performe, but very well managed from Edward. From H2R point of view the father Blue Hors Zack with Daniel Bachmann Andersen were clearly in front of Zonik and Gal today. Zonik is placed 7th with 77,189% while Zack is placed as no 10 with 76,211%, but also with some judging disagreement.

Spain’s Severo Jurado Lopez and Deep Impact showed a strong test with very much improved piaffe tours. Unfortunately an error crept in as Deep lost the canter for the 2nd pirouette. A costly mistake but still a great performance and most important for his team, the team tickets for Tokyo Olympics are secured.

GOLD for Germany, SILVER for USA and BRONZE for Great Britain.

The 30 best individual combinations are ready for Friday´s Grand Prix Special.

See the full results here.

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