Today with 30 combinations for the Grand Prix Special and Sunday with just 15 combinations for the freestyle final

If your not among the 6 best combinations from the Grand Prix it does not really look like an opportunity to stand at the podium later today for the individual Grand Prix Special medals.

And top 6 individual were:

And the next hurdle will of course to be among the 15 best for Sunday´s freestyle.

H2R did a bit of statistics and from watching the qualities from the Grand Prix, the freestyle will be with:

  • 3 Germans

  • 3 British

  • 3 American

  • 3 Swedish

    (Every nation must maximum have 3 combinations for the freestyle final)

And the there are 3 spots left for Blue Hors Zack, Glock´s Zonik N.O.P and Deep Impact = 15 combinations.

Photo credit: Lily Forado