VIDEOS - Gold, silver and bronze tests from yesterday

From left: Laura Graves, silver - Isabell Werth, gold - Charlotte Dujardin bronze. Photo credit: Lily Forado

From left: Laura Graves, silver - Isabell Werth, gold - Charlotte Dujardin bronze. Photo credit: Lily Forado

Canadian Cathy Tweeddale Mitchell was on the spot capturing yesterday’s podium rides.


H2R comments during the test:

Bella Rose / Isabell Werth GER 

Nice halt, power lightness for the first diagonal, superb reach and crossing for half pass BEST OF THE DAY, direct to passage, so easy in and out and keep the rhythm all the way for the passage, another top half pass, this just WOW lightness, bit tense begin of extended walk tour, good collected walk, WOW just asking here and Bella is ready doing her thing, wind is just blowing while Werth is enjoying the trip, nice transition, good zigzag canter, small tension begin 2 times, bit of tension for 1 times, good extended canter, lack more clear sit and canter rhythm is a bit lost for both pirouettes, nice final extended trot, looks like Werth was shaking her head for the final piaffe, it is unbelievable YES. 5% ahead of the silver.


H2R comments during the test:

Verdades / Laura Graves USA 

Good halt, direct out, expressive diagonal, nice half pass left with go and flow, could be a bit more sharp into passage at C, nice passage with expressive extensions, nice bend expression half pass right, bit tense walk, piaffe at the spot but very mechanical, bit unbalanced transition to canter, good zig zag canter, good 2 times lack more jump off the ground, small error hind last change 1 times, superb 1st pirouette, 2nd pirouette bit big, nice 1 times, super transition to trot, nice extended trot with good use of the body, sharp final centerline small tension hind - new leader 81,748%.


Mount St. John Freestyle / Charlotte Dujardin GBR 

Small tension halt, WAUW extension, nice uphill frame half pass with nice crossing on the spot transition to passage, SUPER passage, wow extended trot, nice freedom for half pass, NOW IN THE LEAD 85%, outstanding trot tour, nice relaxed extended walk, good collected walk, bit early piaffe, nice rhythm, bit forward both but keeps the balance, bit "big" trot for transition to canter, superb zigzag, big 2 times, super 1 times, super extended trot, wauw centerline with pirouettes and 1 times, what a final EXTENSION at the long side, fantastic final centerline - 81,474%.

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