Cathrine Dufour and Bohemian winner of CDI3 Grand Prix at Flyinge SWE

Bohemian and Cathrine Dufour during Equitour 2017 - photo credit: H2R

Bohemian and Cathrine Dufour during Equitour 2017 - photo credit: H2R

First international event outside Denmark for the young Danish combination Bohemian by Bordeaux with Cathrine Dufour in the saddle, and a strong victory with 74,239%.

This was actually the first indoor show of the autumn season, and for some combinations it also became with some tensions showing in the big indoor arena.

Today’s winner did not show any tensions in this new environment. Cathrine manage to show Bohemian in the demanding Grand Prix test without any technical issues and a great picture for the piaffe and passage tours with lovely balance and rhythm all the way. Other highlights were both canter pirouettes with lots of sit, balance and top quality. The extended walk could be with a bit more let go over the back and for some moments especially in the canter tour the pole becomes slightly hind the vertical.

At the subsequent price giving ceremony Bohemian acts like a very experienced horse, standing quietly waiting for his riders signals and enjoying the atmosphere while 2nd and 3rd placed were spinning around.

For the three next placed combinations it was a mix of some tensions with very nice qualities, all looked a bit affected by the indoor environment.

5th placed was Danish Carina Cassøe Krüth with May-Day Graftebjerg. And today’s test became a bit of a relief, as they managed very well to show a clear test without any technical issues. They’ve been struggling with the series, but very well managed and performed today. In general today’s best frame and superb extensions, very nice piaffe tours with the exact 12-15 steps just with minor tensions going out from the piaffe. The halts lacking bit more steady quietness and the extended walk could have been with more freedom.

Malin Wahlkamp-Nilsson showed the 12 year old Syriana by Sir Donnerhall for the first time internationally. Lovely light-footed power expressive mare with the whole package, but lacking the experience. Very interesting combination to follow.

Placed 9th today was Lone Bang Larsen with Bakkely´s Onandt. It looked like a bit of a challange for Lone keeping Onandt focused in the arena, and unfortunately the halt with rein back became very tense like the whole walk tour became on the toes today. Very costly and kept them away from the top of the class. A lot of strong things with super qualities was not enough to bring them back on track today.

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