High level in national Grand Prix from Münster today


Top riders at start

International German top riders as Dorothee Schneider and Helen Langehanenberg were at the start list today in Münster.

While the jumping is taking place in the big arena the dressage is in the small and very intime arena, where the audience is sitting right next to the arena. But for today’s field it did not seem to cause any troubles.

Dorothee Schneider showed a strong test without any technical issues.

1 .) Fohlenhof´s Rock´n Rose - well balanced start, nice diagonal, good balance and carriage for half passes, bit tense rein back, super nice extension, bit uneven push hind for passage, small forward trend piaffe, lack more relaxation for extended walk, bit tense collected walk, better 2nd piaffe nice active, nice 2 times, nice control zig-zag, nice 1 times, super nice pirouettes with control and clear canter, super power balance for extended trot, nice final centerline.

2.) Heuberger TSF - good start, good crossing and balance for both half passes, good halt with rein back, good into passage, piaffe lack bit more clear forward search becomes bit uneven in the balance, good walk tour, could be a bit sharper at transition to passage from collected walk, 2nd piaffe better, good transition to canter, nice 2 times, good power for extended canter, good zig-zag small unbalance, good 1 times, nice canter for pirouette could show more sit for the 1st pirouette, good transition to trot, lack bit more energy for final piaffe, good halt.

3.) Franziskus - good halt, power extension, lack bit more carriage for half passes, tilting head to left, tense rein back, good extension, passage lack more push from hind, piaffe becomes a bit on/off bit against the aides, good walk, lack more clear transition to passage, ditto 2nd piaffe bit difficult transition out, good 2 times, bit running extended canter lack more volume, good zig-zag, ok 1 times but looks a bit hind the aides all the way, good pirouettes, good extension but lack more clear transition back to collected trot, good final.

Malin Wahlkamp-Nilsson ready with her next top horse

Watch out for Swedish Malin Wahlkamp-Nilsson with Eddieni (10 year old by Johnson/Negro) - super horse without any weaknesses and top expression. This is just about gaining experience before we will see the combination at the international scene.

Eddieni SWE - good halt, super expressive side picture, good balance for half passes, lack bit carriage to right, very nice halt with rein back, super extension, nice to passage, easy smooth transition and lovely angle and activity for the piaffe, good walk tour, active regular passage with nice suspension, small tension for 2nd piaffe but lovely balance in and out, expressive 2 times, nice extended canter, error 1 times, nice sit and balance for both pirouettes, nice final centerline.