Daniel Bachmann Andersen test rider for Danish Warmblood Young Horse Championship 2020


FEI World Ranking no 6 and no 11 is ready to test the best 5 year old Danish Warmblood horses at Young Horse Championship in Herning, taking place from 5 - 8 March 2020.

29 year old Danish international rider Daniel Bachmann Andersen from Danish Stud Blue Hors, will be ready to test the 24 best Danish Warmblood Young Horses at the Young Horse Championship in Herning.

Back in 2015 Bachmann started as rider by Blue Hors, and he has during the years been very successful educated more horses to Grand Prix level, and he is at the moment placed as no 6 with Blue Hors Zack and no 11 with Blue Hors Don Olymbrio at FEI World Ranking.

About the new challenge Daniel Bachmann Andersen tells: “ I’m looking very much forward to do this job. It´s gonna be really exciting to try so many high quality young horses. I will try to tell and explain about the education of the young horse, the different phases the young horse going through, and how some horses can be ready at a quite early stage, where others need more time to develop and learn which is not always a negative way for the further development.”

Danish Warmblood general manager Casper Cassøe Krüth is very pleased about having Daniel Bachmann for the test riding in 2020, and says: “Daniel is Denmarks highest ranked international rider at the moment, and through his great experience and successes Danish Warmblood are of course proud to wellcome Daniel for the test riding next year, and we are sure Daniel will give both the horses and the audience a very nice experience.”