12 October with HANN Elite auction


A huge collection of riding horses and foals, while the collection of young stallions is with just 15 dressage colts.

As usual H2R has picked our favourites for the collection.

No 4 - absolute top price. Lovely boy with nice suppleness and freedom, still lacking some more strength but with good carriage and nice light frame.

No 7 - 3 year old mare, still very baby like mostly for the canter, but showing some really nice moments, including nice walk.

No 64 - 5 year old stallion, very functional paces with good freedom for the trot and with nice self carriage. Good canter and very nice walk.

No 82 - 4 year old gelding, showing nice balance in all 3 paces and a super nice natural frame.

No 83 - 6 year old gelding, showing nice rhythm and balance for all 3 paces with good self carriage.

No 88 - 4 year old Fürstenball gelding, looks like a very nice and easy horse with natural suppleness and good balance.

No 89 - big 4 year old not the most modern type but for sure an interestering horse for further education.

Elite foals

Unfortunately missing some videos of foals for the collection.

Young stallions

The young stallions here for the auction are only shown in trot and walk by hand, still missing lunging including canter.

HERE you find the entire collection.