21 young dressage horses are ready for Danish Warmblood Spring Auction

An attractive collection is ready for the Spring Auction during Danish Warmblood stallion show taking place from 6 - 10 March.


Sex: Stallion - Born: 2016 - Height: 167 cm

In Hesselhøj Downtown you will find the complete stallion, an absolute joy to the eye. A relaxed walk, the most beatiful “up hill” canter and a trot that is best compared to angelic singing, this horse masters all the gaits with little to no comparison. He is a horse not easily forgotten. Hesselhøj Downtown is out of a damline with medals, his mother as awarded with silvermedal and his GD is Kabooki, elite and silver medal winning mare, who also mothered the B-dressage horse Paso Double and the bronze medal winning mare, Picota.

Hesselhøj Downtown is selected for the 2019 Danish Warmblood licensing.

From the pre-selection this young Donkey Boy son was showing himself as a clear copy of his successful sire. This boy looks like a top price for the auction.

Positive horse owners and riders

“This year there has been a huge and positive support for the auction, a lot of horse owner attended from the start of November last year when we started searching for horses online. Dennis Fisker and I has since November been on the road all over Denmark, we have been talking to a lot of horse owners and seen a lot horses. Some horses selected straight away, and some horses we’ve selected for Danish Warmblood talent stable, where we have been following the horses over a period of time to confirm and ensure the development towards the final selection for the auction.

The entire selection has been very positive as everyone has been working for the best results, and the combination with Michael Højgaard and Dennis Fisker as the men on the ground giving the riders advices, in order to optimise the preparation and education of the young horses towards the auction.

We are very proud about this collection and its been a great experience with this cooperation between, horse owners, riders and our auction team,” tells Louise Ringsbo one of the responsible for the selection of the horses for the auction.

Possiblility to try the horses before the auction

The auction team is ready for your questions and will try to provide you with all the informations you need before the auction. And the team will also be ready for you, if your interested in trying some of the horses already now before they arrive for the auction. Feel free to contact Louise Ringsbo - auktion@varmblod.dk/ +45 61 67 94 93.

The final videos will be available Friday.