VIDEO - National Grand Prix victory for Pathetique and Dorothee Schneider

75% was quiet well paid for today’s victory. Nice flow for the trot tour and good balance, the collected walk becomes with some tensions on the short side, but still with 6,5 - 6,5 - 7,0 from the judges, small tensions for two times and zig-zag canter lack more flow, the final piaffe with a small lack of impulsion.

But Dorothee is a true master of presenting the horse in the arena, and just asking exact what the horse capable of that day - it´s all about timing.

Watch the test here below.

Both Kristina Bröring-Sprehe with Destiny OLD and Isabel Werth with Quintus were struggling with their tests. For Kristina it was mainly about lacking more balance and clear beat for the piaffe tours and transitions, as the rest was quite nice all the way. Isabel Werth started with Quintus trotting at the entering centerline, and then Werth just turned at started again. From there more unbalanced moments crept in, but as we know her she just kept on to the final centerline for the biggest applause from the audience.

Both finishes with 69%.

See the entire results here.