Focus on Danish Warmblood Spring Auction collection - Blue Hors First Choice offsprings

Exciting Danish Warmblood youngsters for the auction

This year the collection is presented with many different top bloodlines.

Both Blue Hors Don Olymbrio and Vincent Maranello has 3 offsprings for the collection, while Tailormade Temptation, Blue Hors First Choice and Hesselhøj Donkey Boy has 2 offsprings each.

Both offsprings by Blue Hors First Choice shows very nice qualities for the future. Nice off the ground with power and expression.

You can find the entire collection here.

Fruerings Saigon

Sex: Stallion
Born: 2016

Height: 171 cm

"There is no such thing as a perfect dressage horse", a statement one sometimes hears in the “horse world”, since even the best horses often have a "but or if".

On some rare occasions a horse turns up, that i so convincingly strong in movement, ridability and looks, that you are just enthralled by the sight of the horse. Fruerings Saigon is such a horse!
Saigon only touches the ground out of sheer courtesy. In spite of his young age, he is already embracing excellent balance, suppleness and power in all three gaits, and he is a delight to the eye, as well as the rider being carried on his back. A youngster in class. Saigons dam line represent several elite and medal mares from the renowned stut Nexen, among others Polka Nexen - mother to the elite and gold medal mare Polka Hit Nexen - silver winner at the World Championship for 6 y.o. dressagehorses in Verden, now educated for Grand Prix.

Fruerings Saigon is selected for the 2019 Danish Warmblood licensing.

Ringsbos Fergalicious

Sex: Mare
Born: 2015
Height: 169 cm

Money can’t buy you happiness, but it can buy you a horse like Fergalicious, and that’s pretty close to the real thing. This horse has a very impressiv engine, extreemly well placed and activ hind legs. A big, glorious and beautiful mare with a fantastic frame and three strong gaits. 

- She will make them boys go loco!

Ringbo’s Fergalicious’ mother scored 848 points on her riding test, proving a horse with excellent rideability

Possibility to try the horses before the auction

The auction team is ready for your questions and will try to provide you with all the informations you need before the auction. And the team will also be ready for you, if your interested in trying some of the horses already now before they arrive for the auction. Feel free to contact Louise Ringsbo - +45 61 67 94 93.

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