High light of the stallion performance test in Münster-Handorf was Jovian with top score of 9,08


Today with final day at 2 day sport test in Münster-Handorf

Test rider was ones again Philipp Hess and comments/advices during the testing was made from Sebastian Heinze.

The first day doing a test with own rider where Jovian and Eva Möller showed an outstanding qualities, and today the test rider Philipp Hess clearly enjoyed his testing while rewarded Jovian with a clear 10.

Some of the comments from the judges were:

“We are asking ourselves why doesn´t the spectators applaud even more, it does not get any better. A 5 year old horse always in balance and uphill, swinging through the body for the trot. In canter clear uphill with volume and high ability for collection. A horse with all possibilities. The walk could show a bit more spaciousness.”

And from today’s test riding:

“It is an outstanding stallion. The stallion goes with forward search, push and elasticity. When the rider asking the stallion to come back he just shows his ability for the future passage, so much potential, in an always very nice selfcarriage. The test rider was also excited about Jovian - it is pure fun to ride such a stallion. The walk need to be with more over track, but still active with good quality.”

Gaitano, Escamillo and Tesla

Gaitano - ones again a top presentation and preparation from Beatrice Buchwald which made today’s 4 year old winner.

Both Escamillo and Tesla with big expectations. From H2R point of view a bit harsh judging of Escamillo from the test with own rider, as both rider and horse clearly were a bit affected by the “pressure”. Without doubt a future top stallion.

Tesla with Helen Langehanenberg did not really live up to H2R expectations. He seems a bit hurried for the trot work and does unfortunately not at the moment bring the stallion format.

Results 4 year old

Results 5 year old