International horses in today's national Intermediaire II in Hedensted, Denmark

Marianne Helgstrand and Super Mario at Danish Warmblood stallion show 2018 - photo credit: H2R

Marianne Helgstrand and Super Mario at Danish Warmblood stallion show 2018 - photo credit: H2R

Star field with international horses Lollipop, Delatio and Wasabi OLD with their new riders

A quick look at today’s start list with international horses with new riders.

The 15 year old gelding Lollipop by Lord Sinclair / Welt Hit I moved back in November last year to Helgstrand Dressage (former competed by British Emile Faurie), more precisely as a Grand Prix schoolmaster for Marianne Helgstrand.

Back in the spring 2016 Andreas Helgstrand purchased Deep Impact as a 40-year-old birthday present for his wife Marianne Helgstrand, but they never really fit each other, and short time after Severo Jurado Lopez took over the ride and they became a very successful international combination together. About the new partnership with Lollipop Marianne Helgstrand tells: “I’m very happy with Lollipop, we have now been together a few month and today was our first start together. He is really my dream of a Grand Prix schoolmaster, I’m really happy with our debut victory today, and of course I still have a lot to learn at this level,” tells Marianne.

And it was not the only horse Marianne made her debut with at Inter II level today. Her long time partner 10 year old Super Mario by For Compliment did also step into this level with a very nice performance.

Malaysian Qabil Ambak who recently purchased the stallion Delatio (former ridden by Patrik Kittel) also made their debut together today, like Blue Hors rider Nanna Merrald with Wasabi OLD, former competed by Allan Grøn.

More than just the scores

Among the judges for today’s national Intermediaire II was Christine Winther Prip at M, and H2R caught her after the class for a bit more than just facts from the scoreboard about some of today’s combinations.

Lollipop: “Lovely very active and lightfooted horse with highlights in beautiful passage with nice angles. For some moments the trot becomes a bit tense and the trot becomes a bit passage for some moments. Tensions for the series with a bit crop high for the first change in the two times, and kicks for the first change for the one times. A very interesting new combination just need a bit more experience in the arena together.”

Super Mario: “A bit unfortunate start where Super Mario gets big eyes at the beginning with some tensions. Super nice lateral work with beautiful expression and shoulder freedom, good passage, the piaffe lacking a bit more quickness and balance, becomes a bit passage like, but very positive picture with many highlights.”

Adrenalin Firfod: “Elegant and lightfooted, unfortunately lacking bit more forward flow for the piaffe/passage tours, as the basic qualities are quite good for both the piaffe and passage, nice pirouettes.”

Wasabi OLD: “Very correct and solid performance. Wasabi is with a bit long topline and the distance for the hindlegs to be able to be under the gravity is a difficult, but Nanna does a great job and keeps Wasabi active with nice flow with good pirouettes and nice two times.”

Delatio: “An impressive horse in the arena - makes a great picture. It was obvious that it is a pretty new partnership. Very active passage which sometimes shows some tensions, errors creeping into both series. Looks like a very interesting partner for Qabil when they get some more experience together.”

Blue Hors Zatchmo: “Looks like a horse without any weaknesses, very nice half passes, super nice push from hind for the extensions, lovely ground cover for piaffe/passage, but becomes a bit insecure, but showing beautiful moments.”

Hønnerups Driver: (Kasprzak Dressage rider Josefine Hoffmann just moved into U25) “Beautiful debut from Josefine and Driver. Bit cautious start where it is obvious that Josefine does not want to make any pressure, but they are both “developing” during the test. Unfortunately Driver is loosing one hindleg for the pirouettes right, but a very nice test and doing a beautiful passage at the final centerline.”

Aston Martin: “Does the job, but lacking more natural go and looks a bit unwilling throughout the test even though he is doing his job. Nice piaffe and passage tours.”

“A class with many nice horses, but still a bit green at this level - a lot to be pleased about”, tell Christine Prip.