(VIDEO of the entire class) Daniel and Zack beaten with just 1% by Werth and Emilio - nearly like winning

Photocredit: H2R

Photocredit: H2R

Close to personal best and very close run for the victory

Great to have Blue Hors Zack back in the arena after the very unfortunate exit of the CDI-W in Neumünster due to an hoof absence. Luckily he went then back home and the problem was solved immediately, and Daniel was able to keep on training for the next show, s´Hertogenbosch.

Unfortunately a couple of today’s judges still saw Werth ahead of Bachmann, like there were more judging disagreement for today’s Grand Prix.

H2R comments during the tests:

Emilio GER - good start, power diagonal, supple half passes, bit unbalanced into halt nice rein back, smooth extended trot, good transition to passage, lack bit more energy for piaffe, good relaxation for extended walk, becomes bit short left hind for collected walk, lack more flow for transition at M to passage, lack bit more forward search for 2nd piaffe, good transition to canter, some resistance on the bridle for extended canter, good zigzag, nice 1 times, good pirouettes, bit stocked transition at M, good extended trot, super final.

Blue Hors Zack DEN - super halt and forward, nice diagonal, nice carriage/suppleness for half passes, super halt with rein back, good extended trot, direct to passage, nice active piaffe with good transitions, super stretching for extended walk with nice over track, good collected walk, good transition at M, good 2nd piaffe becomes bit hind aides out of piaffe, good transition to canter, super 2 times, bit conservative extended canter, good zigzag, super forward 1 times, bit big 1st pirouette, 2nd more centered, good extended trot, good rhythm for piaffe tiny forward trend, super final.

Daily Mirror GER - good but very short halt, super balance diagonal, super nice half passes, tense rein back, super extended trot, nice passage, good piaffe lack bit energy, marching extended walk, good collected walk, bit travelling piaffe, nice passage, good transition to canter, ok 2 times, nice extended canter, good zig-zag, nice 1 times, lack bit balance for 1st pirouette, 2nd pirouette could show more clear canter jump, nice extended trot, lack bit clear transition out of final piaffe.

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Here you find the entire result.

Below the entire Grand Prix test: