VIDEO - Daniel Bachmann about his success "I feel much more confident going into the arena and believe in myself"


Today Daniel took the victory ahead of Isabell in today's CDI3 Grand Prix

From the start list it looked like a possibility for Daniel and Don O to take the victory. But said that it is all about the actual performance, not just from himself but also from his competitors with names as Isabell Werth, Edward Gal and Hans Peter Minderhoud.

Daniel and his now 11 year old stallion Blue Hors Don Olymbrio were 2nd last to go, and non of the other competitors showed absolute top form today, so the scoreboard was kind of open for him.

Nearly 5% ahead of Isabell Werth is really not made from “a daily routine” test, and a final score of impressive 78,848% does tell the truth - this was a really really good test, and still with room for improvement.

The way towards the final

H2R caught Daniel after his victory today. “I had a great feeling all the way today, we just give each other confidence in there to perform at our best. Actually my test yesterday with Blue Hors Zack was something very special for me, as our training has progressed so much lately, and I could really show him the best way. He was at same good form for Neumünster, but unfortunately we had to withdraw due to a hoof issue, but luckily we could keep on our work and then change our World Cup schedule to s´Hertogenbosch. I’ve already ridden one qualifier on Zack, Don O and Zepter, and to qualify for the final I need to do two qualifiers with the same horse, so after no Neumünster the plan obviously had to be changed. Now I just have to start tomorrow and then I’m on the list for the final in Gothenburg, as one nation is only allowed to participate with two combinations for the final, and right now Germany has 5 combinations in front of me, and then with a “wildcard” spot in the final for defending World Cup winner 2018 Werth,” tells Daniel.

“I believe in myself”

“Over the last months I feel much more confident and believe both in my horses and in myself entering the big events. My daily training has become better, in the way that I don’t feel that I have to repeat myself in certain exercises nor at home or here at competitions. Today I’ve made my warm up with just one single passage tour and one piaffe tour, and then just making him supple before entering,” says Daniel.

Preparation from last weekend at CDI4 in Herning

“With a successful competition at home soil in Herning last weekend, and then going to s´Hertogenbosch this weekend again was something new for me and Don O, as we normally never do two big shows in a row. So our schedule became: Monday off for Don O, Tuesday 15-20 minutes supple work in a snaffle, Wednesday travel to The Netherlands and light work in a snaffle when arriving, Thursday light work with a few exercises before vet check, and today was just a dream test,” tells a smiling Daniel.

H2R comments about top 3 during the tests:

Blue Hors Don Olymbrio DEN - changes before entering halt, nice halt, power balance diagonal, active balanced half passes, bit open halt nice rein back, nice diagonal, good transition to passage, super smooth into and out of well balance piaffe, good extended walk, good collected walk, superb 2nd piaffe/passage tour, nice transition to canter, super sit uphill 2 times, nice extended canter, super zigzag, nice 1 times, super pirouettes, good transition to trot, expressive diagonal, super balanced final centerline.

Don Johnson GER - good halt, nice diagonal, well balanced half passes, super halt with rein back, good transition to passage, good transitions, good rhythm for piaffe could show more quick off the ground, super walk tour, good transition at M, good 2nd piaffe tour, bit early transition to canter,good 2 times, power extension, bit unbalanced changes for zig-zag, error end of 1 times, good pirouettes, good transition M, nice extended trot, sharp final centerline.

Glock´s Voice NED - nice halt, good extension, nice flow and balance for half passes, super crossing left, some resistance for rein back, nice diagonal super transition to passage, lack bit activity for piaffe but nice transitions, becomes croup high into transition to walk, good walk tour, nice regular passage, bit cautious piaffe, bit tense transition to canter, good 2 times, bit conservative extended canter, good zigzag, big nice flow forward 1 times, small lack of balance out of very nice 1 pirouette, super balance 2nd pirouette, nice passage but piaffe becomes bit limited. 

See the entire results here.