Nicolas Wagner and Quater Back Junior winner of CDI4 Grand Prix in Lier, Belgium


Nicolas showing an effortless test without any technical issues, unfortunately Quater Back Junior is shown very bended in the entire body to the left especially for the piaffe tours. The first transition out of piaffe lacking more clear flow, and the one times could show more spaciousness over the entire diagonal. Both pirouettes are show with nice sit and balance.

2nd placed was Dutch Anne Meulendijks with MDH Avanti N.O.P. They were showing a nice trot tour with good flow and expression, the first piaffe with a bit unstable contact, 2nd piaffe nice with nice transitions, end of zigzag with a small change hind and in the middle of the one times a single change with parallel hind, both pirouettes lacking more correctness and balance.

3rd placed was Diederik van Silfhout with Expression N.O.P. All three halts were very open in the frame. Good flow in the trot tour, in general there is to big difference between the activity front and hind for piaffe and passage tours which makes a very difficult picture, as the rhythm also lack more clear balance. The walk need more relaxation over the back. The highlights were both series with nice ground cover. The canter pirouettes lack more suppleness from behind and missing more active canter rhythm.

Below here the top of the class. See the entire results here.