Schedule ready for next Saturday's Open House at HP Horses

The team at HP Horses is ready for next Saturday 6 April at 14:00

HP Horses looking very much forward welcoming everyone, and if your not able to attend the Open House, the entire afternoon will be available via live stream at Clipmyhorse, and of course it is all about everyone being fit for fight for the day.

The preliminary schedule is:

  • 14.10 Welcome by Lone Boegh Henriksen

  • 14.15 Fürsten-Look/Isabel Freese

    2011 Fürstenball x Londonderry x Weltmeyer

  • 14.23 Magic Moon S/Maria Falkner Hansen

    2012 Deperado x Sandro Hit x Donnerhall

    Martin og Paul Sieverding


  • 14.33 HP Evita/Emilie Thornby Finch

    2016 Fürsten-Look x Sir Donnerhall x Feiner Stern

    HP Mimosa/Julie Kolt

    2016 Dragon Hill x Fürst Romancier x Sir Donnerhall


  • 14.38 HP Tiramisu/Rose Marie Bang Henriksen

    2014 Fürstenball x Florencio x Rubinstein

    HP Trifli/Maria Falkner Hansen

    2016 Dragon Hill x Florencio x Rubinstein


  • 14.44 HP Frescobaldi

    2018 For Romance II x Florencio x Rubinstein


    2018 Le Vivaldi x Sir Donnerhall x Argentinus


  • 14.50 Monterey/Leandra Ha

    2016 Morricone x Sir Donnerhall x Diamond Hit

  • 14.56 HP Exclusive 

    2018 Fürstenball x Don Romantic x Feiner Stern

    HP Marion

    2018 Vitalis x Sir Donnerhall x Donnerhall

    Lorna Caledonia

    2018 Vitalis x Royal Dance x Ramino

    Viele Freude

    2018 Vitalis x De Niro x Rubinstein


  • 15.11 HP Grace/Julie Kolt Nielsen

    2016 Grey Flanell x Damon Hill x Fürst Romancier

    Dollar Girl /Maria Falkner Hansen

    2015 De Niro/San Amour/Donnerhall


  • 15.17 HP Vanilla Gold

    2018 Vitalis x Damon Hill x Fürst Romancier


  • 15.20 HP Viva Gold/for hand

    2017 Vitalis x Damon Hill x Fürst Romancier


  • 15.25 Damon Gold/Maria Falkner Hansen                                                                   

    2014 Damon Hill x Fürst Romancier x Don Schufr


  • 15.32 Total Hope/Isabel Freese

    2012 Totilas x Don Schufro x Sandro Hit


  • 15.42 MSJ Q 

    2018 Quantensprung x Bordeaux x Sir Donnerhall


  • 15.46 Best of Mount st. John/Maria Falkner Hansen

    Fürst Romancier x Bordeaux x Sir Donnerhall


  • 15.52 A la Fasine for hånd

    2013 Apache x Fürst Romancier x Sir Donnerhall


HP Vincello

2019 Vitalis x Apache x Fürst Romancier


2019 Vitalis x Sandro Hit x Akcent II


  • 16.00 Vitalis/Isabel Freese

    2008 Vivaldi x D-Day x Argus