A pretty clear picture already after day 1 at Danish Warmblood Young Horse Championship in Herning


Today’s presentation and judging of the young horses does not count for the final results, as it is only for the program with owner rider and test rider part that counts. (60% for test with own rider and 40% with the marks from test rider).

From today’s presentation it was a clear picture of which horses being able to be in top also when finishing Sunday with the last part of the test riding from Patrik Kittel.

The excitement before today’s first part of the final was with huge expectations for the Sezuan offspring, as he was represented with a total of 15 offsprings out of 35 starters. Unfortunately far from all of them lived up to the expectations. All very rideable, with good trot and canter as their best movement, while the walk was their weakest gait.

The top with Queenspark Wendy and Tophøjs Florentina together with Elverhøj´s Raccolto and Søgaard Bon Royal looks like horses that will be able to stay in the top and show great performances for the program (5 year old preliminary test) tomorrow. Impressive mares sharing the first spot over night, and with two super nice sport horses as 3rd and 4th.

One of the horses missing in the top of the field is for sure Skoven Tzarina which the judges today gave just 6,5 for the walk, and from the sideline looked more like a 7,5 from H2R point of view.

Tomorrow at 11.30 starts 5 year old preliminary test with own rider.