Close race in the top 79% of today's Grand Prix Special at Hagen

Sönke and Cosmo kept the competitors behind, but it definitely looks like a question of time before TSF Dalera BB and Jessica von Bredow-Werdl will be able take the step in front of them.

Today two of the judges saw Dalera and Jessica as winner, Danish judge a H Hans Christian Matthiesen and French judge at C Isabelle Judet, but it was all about decimal places. Cosmo with errors for both one times series and Dalera with a technical error free test.

H2R comments during the tests:

Cosmo GER - regularity pure for trot/passage tours, half passes lack bit more bending, extended walk could show bit more let go, some tensions before and into 1 st piaffe, 2nd piaffe very nice, superb 2 times, error begin 1 times, super control 1st pirouette, error end 1 times, nice 2nd pirouette, superb final centerline.

TSF Dalera BB GER - super halt, smooth diagonal, supple half pass left, could show a bit sharper transition to passage, super supple half pass right, easy passage/trot tours, nice extended walk, nice active 1st piaffe, 2nd super piaffe, very nice transition to canter, nice series bit tensions, 1st pirouette big, 2nd very nice balanced, top class final centerline.

Emilio GER - some tension before steady halt, something is not absolutely in order from contact at end of diagonal, rest of trot/passage tours without an issues, good walk tour, good 1st piaffe, 2nd piaffe good with nice transitions, good 2 times, bit tense 1 times, bit big 1st pirouette, nice 1 times, 2nd better, nice transition, super long side, nice passage, small lack of impuls final piaffe.

Superb weekend for Danish Anders Dahl with his new young Fidelio

The combination was placed 9th today with 71,255%, and Anders Dahl was of course also very pleased about his achievements together with Fidelio this weekend, and looking forward to show the young talented gelding again in near future, to gain more experience in the big arenas.

Fidelio DEN - good start, nice half passes, good expression for passage, lack bit more push from hind, nice extensions, super nice side picture, lack bit more let go for extended walk, good collected walk, super nice rhythm for piaffe easy transition out for both piaffe tours, nice transition to canter, nice zigzag, smooth 2 times, super active 1 times, nice extended canter, good 1st pirouette lack bit forward search, super 9 one times, lost balance 2nd pirouette, good long side, super nice and easy final centerline. SUPERB HORSE FOR THE FUTURE 🇩🇰

See the entire results here.