3rd time in a row for Werth and Langehanenberg kept the excitement all the way towards the final halt

Graves, Werth and Langehanenberg at 2019 World Cup final podium

Graves, Werth and Langehanenberg at 2019 World Cup final podium

Werth know how to win

Listening ones again to the German national anthem becomes a bit like the “salute” of all the big events when Werth is at start. Sovereignty is right now equal to the “Queen of Dressage” Isabell Werth.

Watching her 200% concentrated when entering the centerline just gives the sport a top dimension again, and again and again. It never gets boring, because she never rides a boring test, and when it comes to the spot at the top of the podium she looks even more motivated.

Weihegold OLD GER - super halt, direct into passage, super piaffe, smooth transitions, extended trot at centerline, trot half pass lack bit more reach, super into passage half pass, top class piaffe fan, out into passage half pass, to trot half pass, fire on the ground for the passage, super nice walk tour, good zigzag canter, full risk extended canter succesfully, superb double pirouette out to super two times, give full speed collection into top class class double pirouette, error one times, on totally fire final for the World Cup WINNER 2019! Super final.

The dream of winning was not fulfilled this time either

They did what they could, but it was still not to beat Werth today.

Verdades USA - super halt, passage, piaffe, into superb trot half passage, good passage, bit hectic piaffe, bit smaller issues hind for next piaffe at long side, good walk tour, could show more power into 1st double pirouette, 2 times need more air time, nice and clear and big though, bit big double pirouette, good one times a single change bit smaller hind, strong final with extended trot into a perfect halt.

Damsey forgot the final half halts but luckily he remembered the final halt

Helen and Damsey FRH finished 3rd today and pushed Danish Daniel with Blue Hors Zack down from the podium. Helen rode her ever best test with Damsey all the way to the final exercises, unfortunately Damsey refuses to take any half halt toward A, but Helen manage yet to bring him back for the final piaffe turn on the centerline, but when asking him for another extension toward judge at C you just get the feeling in a split second that she will not be able to bring him back for the final halt - but he must for sure remembered the route, as if he for another moment clearly forgot the aides for a half halt. This “little” over motivation from the 17 year old stallion might have cost the World Cup victory today, but this is a horse not a machine!

Damsey FRH GER - super halt, super into passage, easy piaffe, out into passage half pass, to trot half pass with good balance, expressive passage, power extension, super into passage, nice change in music going into piaffe, out to passage half pass to trot half pass, to collected walk, to extended walk - outstanding walk tour, super sit and canter for double pirouette, active two times, super double canter pirouette, so much elasticity and sit, one times at the centerline, superb double pirouette, transition to piaffe from canter, superb extended canter but clearly running through her hand/half halt towards A and again towards the judges at C with the final extended trot.

A great 4th position for Danish Daniel Bachmann Andersen today

It´s never easy just to be outside top 3, but for Danish Daniel Bachmann Andersen and Blue Hors Zack it was a clear picture of pure good timing, very well performed test and a few moments where Daniel had to work extra for the full motivation from Zack today.

Blue Hors Zack DEN - not square halt, super extended trot, lack bit activity for 1st piaffe, nice passage half pass into smooth trot half pass, nice change in music for the exercises, underlines nicely the choreography, nice passage with good expression, very nice relaxation for the walk tour, canter half to single pirouette, single pirouette to half pass, super nice two times, power extended canter coming smoothly back to pirouette, super one times, jokerline with super two times, pirouette fan for the final.