VIDEO - Dujardin showing great form together with Erlentanz in front of home crowd


Windsor Castle the stage of a great horse event combined with CDI4 dressage in usual British spring weather, where Charlotte Dujardin ones again showd her outstanding strength, this time with her quite new mount Erlentanz by Latimer, 12 year old Trakehner gelding owned and former competed internationally by Sonnar Murray Brown.

It was just their their 3rd start together, and the S-size gelding (162 cm) seems to fit perfectly together with Dujardin. Controlled power from entering halt to final halt, despite the collected walk which was not shown in a clear regular four beat rhythm.

Erlentanz GBR (Dujardin) - super halt, good power diagonal, active half passes, good halt with rein back, super diagonal, super transition to passage, active passage, good piaffe, good transition, walk transition with tension, settle nice down for extension, lack collection and balance for collected walk, good transition to passage, good 2nd piaffe, nice transition to canter, super 2 times, nice extension, super zigzag well balanced, super forward 1 times, nice control for both pirouettes, nice transition to trot, nice diagonal, good final centerline, expressive passage.

Carl Hester and Richard Davison 2nd and 3rd

Nip Tuck GBR - bit rest hind for halt, diagonal good, lack more forward flow for half passes, super halt with rein back, lack more push for extension, bit tense hind for passage, good piaffe, nice transitions, could show more ground cover, good collected walk, nice transition to passage, tense hind passage, good piaffe, good transition out, good transition to canter, nice 2 times, good extended canter, good zigzag, nice 1 times, good control for pirouettes, good transition to trot, medium trot at diagonal, small lack of rhythm hind for passage, nice final.

Bubblingh GBR - small tension halt, nice diagonal, lack bit carriage for half passes, good halt with rein back, small lack of balance for extended trot, nice transition to passage, nice piaffe small lack of impuls, good extended walk, bit unbalanced collected walk, good transition to passage, super piaffe, lack more clear transition out, bit tense transition to canter, 3rd with parallel hind for 2 times, good extended canter, good zigzag, ok 1 times, good pirouettes, lost bit flow for transition to trot, nice extended trot, very nice final centerline.

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