Lisbet Seierskilde and Jonstrupgårdens Cocio winner of CDI3 Prix Sct. Georg at Aalborg Dressage Event today

Jonstrupgårdens Cocio and Lisbet Seierskilde

Jonstrupgårdens Cocio and Lisbet Seierskilde

First dressage competition with a sunny and very windy start of this years first Danish international Event - Aalborg Dressage Event.

Danish victory

An errorfree test made today’s victory for Lisbet and Cocio, even though Cocio showed some tensions in the body throughout the test Lisbet managed to keep her focused all the way, while Michael and Santino unfortunately missed the victory with an error at the begin of the 3 times.

Top 3

Jonstrupgaardens Cocio DEN - nice active trot tour in good balance minor tensions, 1st walk pirouette with bit tensions, 2nd better, bit looking in the extended walk, both canter pirouettes could be with more clear sit and more canter strides, good series bit tension in the body, super nice final halt. 

Slæbækgaards Santino DEN - bit unbalanced halt, nice medium trot, smooth shoulder in, Volte and half pass right, good extension, ditto shoulder in on the other rein, nice balance and rhythm all the way, good walk pirouettes, good collected walk, good extended walk could stretch a bit more, nice transition to canter, good half passes, good canter pirouettes could be a bit more active, nice 4 times, error begin 3 times, nice extended canter, super halt.

Zidney SWE - solid trot tour in good balance missing a bit more expression, good walk pirouettes, small trot begin of extended walk and very short extended walk, very nice 2nd canter pirouette with nice sit and balance, good 4 times, error 3 times, good halt.

Bit too windy

The sharp mare Raquel was a bit too motivated for some parts of today’s test and that kept her out of the top of the field today. They finished 7th with 67,029%.

Præsteskovens Raquel DEN - well balanced expressive trot tour, small unbalance for shoulder in, good walk pirouettes could be a bit more centered, good extended walk could should a bit more let go, bit unsteady contact half pass right, active 1st pirouette bit big, 2nd bit better but lack bit more control out, nice 4 times, tense 3 times, error end extended canter, rider stops and corrects the error.