Du Soleil and Kristy Oatley with strong performance for CDI-W Grand Prix today at Budapest

Du Soleil and Kristy Oatley - photo credit: H2R

Du Soleil and Kristy Oatley - photo credit: H2R

New best Australien Grand Prix score today

Former best Australian GP score was by Lyndal Oatley with Sandro Boy back in 2015 at CDI-W Grand Prix in Stockholm with 72,800%, and today cousin Kristy took over with Du Soleil with 73,913%.

Even though the transitions out of piaffe still are lack some more fluency, there are so many strong qualities throughout the test.

Du Soleil AUS - good halt, superb diagonal, good half passes, good halt with rein back, super diagonal, nice transition to passage, very expressive passage, lacking bit clear transitions in and out of a nice active piaffe, good extended walk, bit tense collected walk tour, better into 2nd piaffe, nice piaffe and bit unbalanced out, good transition to canter, super nice two times over the full diagonal, nice extended canter, very nice balanced zigzag, good 1 times started a bit early, good control for pirouettes, super extended trot, super nice passage, good piaffe but lacking the balance out of the piaffe.

Morgan Barbancon and Bolero are just building up a real partnership in the arena, and see from the tensions before entering it looked a bit difficult, but Morgan just sticks to her plan and guiding Bolero step by step through the test. Unfortunately the Hungarian judge at H saw the Russian combination at 75% and Barbancon at just 68% - that fact kept Barbancon from the 2nd place today.

For H2R favorite Hans Peter Minderhoud and Zanardi it looked a bit like Zanardi was missing some of his power for today’s test.