VIDEO - 2nd qualification for Nürnberger Burg-Pokal for Matthias Bouten with Meggle´s Grimani


A strong field of very nice young horses for Mannheim qualifier

First qualifier for 2019 Nürnberger Burg-Pokal final was in Hagen, and seen from the overall quality of the horses, the Mannheim field was much wider with some really nice young horses showing great qualities all the way, in Hagen Vayron was the only real outstanding horse.

From the “preliminary” Prix Sct. Georg Special it was just the 12 best combinations qualified for today’s final qualifier, and Matthias Bouten kept the winner position also for today’s test with the 9 year old Trakehner stallion Meggle´s Grimani by Gribaldi / Monteverdi.

Meggle´s Grimani/Matthias Bouten - nice halt, nice balanced medium trot, nice flow/go for half passes, nice diagonal extended trot, super transition to walk, marching walk, super collected walk, lack 1 step for 1st walk pirouette, 2nd good, good transition to canter, huge sit for pirouette one canter step with parallel hind, 2nd superb, full risk long side, 4 times tension, ok 3 times, superb extended canter small issue transition to collected canter before change, good halt with rein back. 74,390%


Dorothee Schneider will for sure get her ticket(s) later

Both Dorothee Schneider and Thomas Wagner were showing two horses each for this qualifier.

No doubt that Dorothee will be ready with her two super young stallions Lord Fittipaldi M by Lord Loxley / Fidermark and Fürst Magic by Fürstenball / Sir Donnerhall I for another qualifier.

Lord Fittipaldi M / Dorothee Schneider - small disturb halt, nice diagonal, nice flow for half passes, small unbalance diagonal extended trot, good transition to walk, lovely marching walk, nice walk pirouettes with super collected walk between, nice transition to canter, bit big canter pirouettes, nice canter half passes, nice big 4 times, super 3 times, bit unbalanced before centerline, nice halt with rein back.

Fürst Magic/Dorothee Schneider - nice halt, superb expression for diagonal, supple active half passes, nice extended trot, active extended walk, bit unbalance collected walk tour, bit hind aides for transition to canter, super nice canter pirouettes, smooth canter half passes, nice 4 times, super smooth 3 times, nice extended canter, nice halt with rein back, super final. 

Also Thomas Wagner will for sure be ready with Soul Men by Soliman de Hus / Bentano II for a later qualifier.

Soul Men / Thomas Wagner - bit unbalanced halt, lovely expression for diagonal, super swing half passes, nice extended trot, nice transition to walk, big supple extended walk, super nice walk pirouettes, keep the quality for collected walk tour, nice transition to canter, nice collection/sit for both canter pirouettes, nice medium canter, becomes a bit hard in the contact out in the riders hands, good series, extended canter bit in the hand, tense halt with rein back.

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