VIDEO - Daniel Bachmann and Blue Hors Zack took the Danish national champion title today

Blue Hors Zack with Daniel Bachmann Andersen - photo credit: Mia Bach

Blue Hors Zack with Daniel Bachmann Andersen - photo credit: Mia Bach

Well deserved new Danish Champion 2019


After the Grand Prix Daniel took the lead with his two stallions Blue Hors Zack and Blue Hors Don Olymbrio, and for today’s freestyle Daniel has chosen Zack as his partner. They delivered a very strong test, with just an issue for the jokerline with error by the two times, superb half passes, nice passage and outstanding one times (Isabell Werth might have had full house for such a line of one times. Daniel scored 9-8-9-9-9) - judge for yourself from the video below.


Bohemian / Cathrine Dufour - Bohemian rhapsody theme, super halt, electric passage and super piaffe, super half passes in both trot and passage, good walk tour, double pirouette with small lack of balance at the end, good 2 times, small issue transition between canter half passes, superb 2nd double pirouette, full power piaffe pirouette, tense when the audience start applauding for the final meters.

This horse is just 9 year old and doing his first national championship.


Jojo AZ / Agnete Kirk Thinggaard - error begin of 2 times, lack more clear canter for pirouette, good 1 times into pirouette, lack energy for pirouette, error end of 1 times, nice piaffe / passage, half pass trot right lack more clear balance and go, left better, good extension, super nice final. (bit ahead of music)

Individual top placements

Individual no 4 today was Lone Bang Larsen with Bakkely´s Onandt. Super strong performance with high degree of difficulty and power all the way, and today without any technical errors.

Bakkely´s Onandt / Lone Bang Larsen - good start, full piaffe turn lack bit balance at the end, strong extended trot tours, very regular passage, good walk tour, super 2 times on curved track, 1 times successful on curved track, lost balance bit out of double pirouette, nice sit for final pirouette into piaffe, nice piaffe fan at centerline.

Individual no 5 today and overall no 4 Anders Dahl and his young Fidelio. Lots of power for the first day in the Grand Prix. For the Grand Prix Special Fidelio looked a bit tired, and today the showed a solid test with good qualities.

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