It was actually a +85% test, but unfortunately with error for both one time series today

Bella Rose and Isabell Werth - photo credit: Lily Forado

Bella Rose and Isabell Werth - photo credit: Lily Forado

Step by step

Every single passage step with power of the ground, 100% clear rhythm, and not least it does not come from tension - this is pure dancing in the passage rhythm with top expression. The half passes are super well balanced, lovely suppleness, crossing and uphill. For today’s extensions the body language was much more relaxed compared to yesterday’s Grand Prix. The extended walk starts with some tensions in the body but becomes better for the 2nd half. Into first piaffe, trying to catch the details when Isabell asking for the piaffe, and Bella just starts like putting in a coin - also without tensions and not that Isabell is not able to ask, wauw to watch. Minor tensions creeping in towards second piaffe, but Isabell just keep on and Bella is accepting and doing her job - acknowledged with a clear pat on the neck from Werth. A small start of canter when turning towards the planned transition at the centerline for the canter. For the canter tour the overall picture was with more control and better balance today even though there was an error for both one times, by the 15 one times stopped after just 13 but got the last two, and for the 9 one times at the centerline she lost the final change, right pirouette was clearly the best today where she kept the canter rhythm quite well all the way, and the final centerline 5 x 10.

Both judges at E (Susanne Baarup DEN) and H (J. Lee Foy AUS) saw today’s test at +83% which was the clear level. It was a much better test than yesterday with more control and overview. Result 81,511%

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