VIDEO - Daniel Bachmann showing strong performance with Blue Hors Don Olymbrio the first day at Danish national championship


In general good level for this years Danish championship

It was a really nice field of competitors today at Uggerhalne, but the differences in the mid of the field were actually more clear than the results were showing.

Top 3 for today’s Grand Prix

Blue Hors Don Olymbrio - small unbalance half, super diagonal, nice swing half passes uphill, halt with rein back superb, super diagonal, nice 1st piaffe and passage easy transitions, super walk tour, super 2nd piaffe/passage, super 2 times, nice extended canter, nice zigzag, error begin 1 times, super pirouettes, smooth transition to trot, lovely balanced diagonal, super final centerline.

Bohemian - superb halt, good diagonal, supple half passes, super halt with rein back, superb 1st piaffe tour, good walk, super solid canter tour with some moments with shorter neck, lost balance for 1st pirouette, super 2nd pirouette, nice final.

Jojo AZ - super halt, good diagonal, lacking carriage half pass left, good halt rein back, super nice 1st piaffe with transitions, good walk, superb 2nd piaffe with passage, good 2 times, good zigzag, nice 1 times, good control pirouettes, super final.

Even though Daniel and Don O did not produce an error free test they showed so much qualities all the way (enjoy the video below). It was not really a top day for Dufour with her young Bohemian as Dufour unfortunately did not manage to keep him out in the frame for the canter tour today. Agnete and Jojo produced an error free test with many highlights today. Zack and Daniel came 2nd today not showing same high qualities as Don O today.

Exciting combinations

Lone and Onandt showed a strong performance without any technical isses today which brought them into the 5th place.

British based Anders Dahl showed both his Olympic partner Selten HW and his new international partner Fidelio van het Bloemenhof. Fidelio is a horse with the entire package, trot, canter, walk, piaffe and passage, and natural supple in the body in a nice frame all the way, unfortunately a misunderstanding from collected walk to passage today with canter and also affecting the subsequent piaffe tour - very expensive and clearly kept them away from today’s podium.

Super job from Blue Hors rider Nanna Merrald with both Sådan Que and Wasabi OLD. Sådan Que were definitely missing some more points for the piaffe / passage tours.

Marianne with Lollipop with debut at national championships with some minor issues, but for sure some high quality moments.

2nd year at national championship for Sanne and Hannah Montana. Superb piaffe tours with smooth transitions and very nice extended walk, unfortunately not rewarded from the judges today.

Signe Kirk Kristiansen with Her Highness O showed a very nice test. Overall impression with a nice and easy picture, and Her Highness looks like a real friend in the arena.

Susanne and Sir James are new at the championships. Many errors due to clearly lack of routine, but a very positive impression, where Sir James all the way trying his best, and sometimes a bit mixed up, but all the way with the ears pricked and with positive attitude.

All combinations are ready for tomorrow Grand Prix Special, except Chadunno which has been withdrawn from the competition. Monday´s freestyle is for the 15 best combinations, and every rider is only allowed to rider one horse each.