Super strong performance from Cathrine Dufour and Bohemian brought them back into the top of the field


Dufour fighting back for the podium

Yesterday with Grand Prix Special where Cathrine Dufour and Bohemian showed a very strong performance. The big difference from the Grand Prix to the Grand Prix Special was the frame of Bohemian. During the Grand Prix he became very often behind the vertical and not really in front of Cathrine. This issue was just disappeared with the wind, as the Grand Prix Special form and total test was at an outstanding level. Lots of highlights, half passes with expression and super balance, super series, piaffe at the spot with super transitions and sharp regular supple passage tours and not least two top class pirouettes.

Daniel showing strong performances with both Zack and Don O. Together with Zack they were dancing through the days most heavy shower with just an issue for the 15 one times, and Zack will be Daniel´s partner for tomorrow’s freestyle as he is the most experienced for the freestyle. With Don O Daniel showed lots of power for trot / passage tour, some miscommunication into the first piaffe where Don O does not respond to the riders aides and lack activity for piaffe itself, super walk tour, super canter tour well managed, final long side with extension with small lack of beat.

Agnete and Jojo were missing the power from the Grand Prix for the Special, but still showing a solid performance and will for sure fight for their spot at the podium tomorrow.

Overall results in top of the competition from Grand Prix and Grand Prix Special: